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Spotlyte is managed

by a team of Instagram Parents (both moms, dads, and even a grandparent!)

Our team includes “new parents” (meaning new to IG), but most are veterans who have been managing their kids’ IG accounts successfully for 2+ years.  

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Regardless of your experience, you will find pearls in this comprehensive safety and general advice regarding being/managing an influencer.

I’m Hannah, an Instagram specialist with over 10 years of experience in social media management

My hat collection will help you navigate this maze called social media.

I can take an in depth look at your account and advise you on how to optimize your growth. 

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We have FREE social media influencer courses and a ton of affordable paid influencer courses that will save you the most valuable asset you possess – TIME

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Village Testimonials

Big accounts, newbie accounts, and everything between –
Everyone benefits

“I feel better knowing the Village is thinking about me and my daughter's best interests.”
Lisa Hallway
VP of Products
“Saved me from making a ton of mistakes.”
Luis Alberto
App developer
“Showed me how to structure my son's page to ensure he got the right attention from the right people.”
James Carter
Front-end developer